Private Investigator Entry Level


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Private Investigator (02E) - 60 hours (excluding examination and practical exercises)

A. Orientation
    1. Applicable sections of the Code of Virginia
    2. 6VAC20-171, Regulations Relating to Private Security Services
    3. Standards of professional conduct
    4. Ethics
    5. Signs of Terrorism

B. Law - one practical exercise
    1. Basic law
    2. Legal procedures and due process
    3. Criminal and Civil law
    4. Evidence
    5. Legal privacy requirements

C. General investigative skills - one practical exercise
    1. Tools and techniques
    2. Surveillance
    3. Research
    4. Interviewing

D. Documentation - one practical exercise
    1. Report preparations
    2. Photography
    3. Audio recording
    4. General communication
    5. Courtroom testimony

E. Types of investigations - one practical exercise
    1. Accident
    2. Insurance
    3. Background
    4. Domestic
    5. Undercover
    6. Fraud and financial
    7. Missing persons and property
    8. Criminal

F.    Written comprehensive examination



This is the course certified by the Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice Services to become registered as a Private Investigator in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This class runs for about 2 weeks (60 hours total); 6pm-10pm Mon-Thurs (Fridays off). and 8am-4:30pm Sat-Sun.